"Alicia and The Countess Golovin (after Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun)”
“Jen and Maria Lopukhina, after Vladimir Lukich Borovikovskii)”
“Marina and a Portrait of a Lady, (after Julius Leblanc Stewart)”
“Betsy and Princess Anna Gagarina (after Jean-Louis Voille)”
"Kayla and Caroline Countess of Holnstein (after Joseph Karl Stieler)"
"Claire and Doña Isabel de Porcel (after Francisco de Goya)"
"Sheridan and Paul Wayland Bartlett (after Charles Sprague Pearce)"
“Jessica Ford and Lucrezia Panciatichi (after Agnolo Bronzino)”
“Magali and A Woman In A Fur Collar (after El Greco)”
"Stephanie and A Portrait of A Lady Wearing Flowered Shawl (after Salomon Guillaume Counis)"
"Brandi and a Woman of the Directoire (after Charles Sprague Pearce)"
"Jessica Hayward and Grace Orpen (after William Orpen)"
"Thomas and A Portrait of a Youth (after Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson)"
"Meagan and the Italian Girl with Water Pitcher (after William-Adolphe Bouguereau)"
"Kate and Ann Barbara Russell (after George Romney)"
"Ksenya and A Portrait of A Woman (after Rogier van der Weyden)”
"Kyre and Blowing Bubbles (after Charles Chaplin)"
"Jessica Day and Empress Elisabeth Alexeievna (after Louise Vigée Lebrun)”
“Jordan and A Portrait of a Woman Removing her Glove	 (after Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya after Alexander Osmerkin)”
"Lindsey and A Portrait of a Young Lady (after Albert Edelfelt)"
“Katie and Hendrikje Stoffels (after Rembrandt van Rijn)”
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